Frequently Asked Questions

Will I really fly the plane on an Introductory Flight ?

Yes, you will have control of the plane for most of your flight.  At all times you will be are under the supervision of our  CAA NZ Certified Instructor, but you will be really flying the plane!

Will I be safe?

Yes.  Flying is one of the safest forms of transport - far safer than driving your car! Nelson Aero Club has been training pilots safely for nearly 80 years.  All Instructors and Aircraft are CAA NZ Approved.

Will you fly in bad weather?

No.  We fly under Visual Flight Rules, so all our flights are weather dependant.  This also means you get the best flying experience and the best views.

Fortunately Nelson & Tasman has the best weather (and scenery) in the NZ, so this is not usually a problem.

Will I get sick?

Probably not.  Very, very few people get sick.  To maximise your experience, we fly in the best weather. This is an introductory flight covering the basic controls of the flight and will not be performing "aerobatic manoeuvres" during the flight.

Will I get chance to take in the view?

Absolutely.  Our Introductory flights are intended to experience the thrill of flying yourself.  However taking in the view of the beautiful Tasman scenery from this unique vantage point is one of the most thrilling parts of the trip.  Our high-winged Cessna Aircraft offer you the best panoramic views.

Can I bring my camera?

Yes.  Take as many pictures as you want.  Make us a video and post it on Youtube, like this.

Can I fly over my house?

Probably, yes  if you live locally.  You must ask at time of booking, so that your Instructor can see whether this can be accommodated into your flight plan.  Please note that due to Air Traffic Regulations, Nelson Aero Club, cannot guarantee to accommodate this request on all occasions. 

Am I too old?

No. Our oldest trainee pilot is 95!  Can you beat that?

Am I too young?

Maybe. If you are not tall enough to reach the pedals, this may prevent you from flying.

Will I be too tall or too heavy?

No.  Our fleet of Aircraft are designed to take "all shapes and sizes".  Your Instructor will ensure during the pre-flight brief that the correct aircraft is selected.  It is standard operating procedure to ensure that total passengers weight is calculated to ensure the aircraft is correctly balanced and with-in the Maximum Take Off Weight.  Your Instructor will take you through this process.

Where are you?

We are based at Nelson Aerodrome (see Contact Us)

Do I need to book?

It's probably best to book, rather  than just dropping in.  Click here or ring 03 547 9643.  Short notice bookings can usually be accommodated but not guaranteed.

What next?

You are under no obligation to fly again.  But many Introductory Flight Pilots get the flying bug. Please feel free to talk to your Instructor about what it takes to work towards a Private Pilot's License.

Can I bring my family and friends along to watch?

Yes.  In our 172 Trial Flight you can take 2 passengers with you.  You can also bring family and friends to our hangar at Nelson Aerodrome, where they can see you take-off, climb, descend and land.