Have a go!

Starting out

To discover the pleasures of flying yourself and others around New Zealand, you’ll need to have a private pilot’s licence (a PPL). A PPL is also the first step towards getting a commercial pilot’s licence (CPL) which will allow you to make a career in aviation.

 Starting out

If you have never flown before in a light aircraft, it’s a good idea to experience a taste of what to expect before committing to lessons.

Trial flights range from 30 minutes to 1 hr.

The price of our trial flights are:

Cessna 152 (2 seater)

30 minutes          $130.50

1 hour                $238.00

Cessna 172 (4 seater)

30 minutes          $145.50

1 hour                $268.00

(Prices are effective June 2017)


PPL Training

If after the trial flight you catch the flying bug then the training for your PPL will follow a carefully structured progressive path. The course is made up of a mixture  theoretical knowledge required (ground exams) and actual flight training. Your trial lesson will count towards the course requirements and it will be the very first entry in your PPL logbook.

 At least 50 hours of flight time is needed, which must be made up of at least 15 hours dual instruction and 15 hours solo flying (the balance can be either dual or solo). This can also include at least 10 hours cross-country flying ( 5 hours dual and 5 hours solo), 5 hours advanced dual instruction and 5 hours dual instrument flying. Most students usually require about 60 hours to complete their PPL, however this varies from person to person.

 You can study on your own for the six theory exams that are part of the syllabus, using text books that are sold by the club. Our instructors also offer ground courses on Sunday mornings or afternoons for some of  the subjects – ask for details. See the exams section below for further information.

The flight training is carried out on a pre-booked basis – you book in advance for each training flight. Towards the end of your training you will revise your flying skills and carry out a practical test with a registered flight examiner. If you meet the required standard, you will be issued with your own PPL, the key to an exciting flying future.

 If  you trained full time you could expect to obtain a PPL in 4 -6  months. It’s more usual to fly once or twice a week, in which case it will take about eight months to a year to achieve your licence. How fast you work towards your PPL is up to you, but having lessons too infrequently makes learning difficult. You have to be at least 16 years old to fly solo, and 17 to hold a PPL.

 Everyone who studies for their PPL finds the flight training part of the course the most exciting. You should be aware that you will need a great deal of determination, motivation and patience to complete your training, particularly in the early stages. But it is definitely worth the effort!

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