Young Eagles

The Young Eagles programme is designed to encourage people aged 12 to 18 to learn about aircraft and flying. Our activities help development towards becoming pilots, aeronautical engineers or other aviation careers. 

As a Young Eagle member you will get the opportunity to experience flying in our aircraft. You will have the operation of controls of the aircraft demonstrated, learn how the aircraft works, and experience navigating from above the ground.

As well as flying in an aircraft, we generally get together once a month and cover topics such as flight theory & navigation. We also visit places such as the airport control tower, rescue helicopter service, large aircraft maintenance facilities and the Airfield Fire and Rescue Base. There is usually an annual trip accross to Blenheim to visit the Omaka Aviation Heritage Center.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Young Eagles, email us at and we will send you a registration form. There is no cost in joining the Young Eagles programme, however there are costs involved for flying activities.


Trip to the Snow July 2017

When the next weather pattern has moved through Nelson hoping to dump some snow on the hills we will jump in our aircraft and fly over the top of Rainbow Ski field. The date and price are yet to be determined but keep your eyes peeled for the email and on this website for updates