If you have never flown before in a light aircraft, it’s a good idea to experience a taste of what to expect before committing to lessons. Trial flights range from 30 minutes to 1 hr. The 172 has 4 seats.  You are welcome to bring two passengers along to accompany you and the instructor.

The price of our trial flights vary as the club is not for profit, our current rates can be found in the "BUY" tab. The trial flights can also be purchased in this section. 


If after the trial flight you catch the flying bug then the training for your PPL will follow a carefully structured progressive path. The course is made up of a mixture theoretical knowledge required (ground exams) and actual flight training. Your trial lesson will count towards the course requirements and it will be the very first entry in your PPL logbook.

At least 50 hours of flight time is needed, which must be made up of at least 15 hours dual instruction and 15 hours solo flying (the balance can be either dual or solo). This can also include at least 10 hours cross-country flying ( 5 hours dual and 5 hours solo), 5 hours advanced dual instruction and 5 hours dual instrument flying. Most students usually require about 60 hours to complete their PPL, however this varies from person to person.

For more information on the Private Pilots licence please contact us


The Commercial pilot licence (CPL) is the next step after gaining your Private pilots licence. Once gained you are able to work for hire or reward. There are many roles you can do once you have a CPL, Charter, flight Instruction, Agricultural Operations, Airline, Search & Rescue, Fire Spotting / Bombing, Aerial Surveillance, Air Ambulance or Joy Flights

The hour requirement for a CPL is a minimum 200 hours. This normally means 100 hours of solo flying and 100 hours under dual instruction. This 200 hour minimum requirement includes the hours gained as part of the PPL.

For more information on the Commercial Pilots licence please contact us


Cessna 152

The Cessna 152 is a great training aircraft. It is nimble, cosy and easy to fly. 

Price is $215/hr

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is a great tourer, with 4 seats and a useful payload its no wonder they still make them to this day. 

Price is $280/hr


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