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The Aeroclub is open Thursday to Sunday 8:30am to 5pm. If you'd like to go flying on the other days this could be arranged. Contact the club CFI

Flying NZ Nationals March 2018

The flight down to Timaru for the six man team attending the Nationals was trying. DNY attempted to pick its way through the clouds to the south with ETU following, but got no further than Kikawa.  ETU turned tail and tried to lead the way around the Sounds, eventually cutting over cloud to Picton, before descending over Cloudy Bay and on to Kaikoura. After refuelling and a pilot change it was a low level flight around Christchurch and through the burn-off smog around Ashburton to land safe and securely in Timaru with DNY just behind. The Flying NZ Nationals competitions were a success for Nelson.  A 1st Place in Liferaft dropping for Graeme Kinzett and Kiri Raharui, a 2nd Place in the GPS Navigation Flying for Richard Eberlein and a 3rd Place in the Pre-flight, Precision Circuits and Landings for Quin Chisholm.  The team was ably supported by their nutritionists, dieticians and physios Lesley Shaw and Philippa Eberlein.  The ferry flights were financially supported by the Thelma Bradshaw Competitions Fund. After all the joviality of the prize giving and making good use of the Z Fuel pies and coffee, the flights back were easy. Good vis, no turbulence and little cloud. Again there was a pilot change and refuel at Kaikoura.  The Kaikoura Aero Club made us very welcome, stung us for landing charges and sent us on our way. Nelson Tower welcomed us home with their scratchy radio transmissions and we even made it back in time for the Sunday bar!

All enjoyed a great Club trip and are looking forward to the next event.


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